108 votes short of being elected

Thank you, it’s been an experience

‬What an incredible journey it was running in a General Election and to think that I was only 108 votes off being elected at my first attempt.  Despite being gutted at the result, I must confess that I learned much about myself and the process and for that I am grateful.


I reacquainted myself with old friends and made many new friends.  I thoroughly enjoyed researching my manifesto and I have realised that my network is more extensive that I had thought a year ago.  During the process, I realised that I don’t just care about the Isle of Man and the people living here, I care deeply; I have a burning desire to root out the Island’s evils and to make life better for everyone that lives here.


Dealing with the media was an experience in itself, one I was more comfortable with than I thought I would be and I really enjoyed being interviewed live as it gave me a chance to test myself, my knowledge and my fortitude and it gave me the opportunity to say what many of us dare not.


I ran my campaign on my own, no team and no campaign manager, but I do owe thanks to people nonetheless, so here goes. . .


Thank you to the 1,104 people who voted for me, to Quine and Cubbon for my printing, to Kate Caine of Moveit Dance Studios for helping me when I was on crutches, to my family and friends who backed my decision to run and who helped to spread the word, to Signed and Sealed for sorting my envelopes and stamps, to Chips Cheese & Gravy Media for my media training, to Five Plus Designs for creating my website and to Ballakermeen for supporting my decision to run despite that I was expected back to teach after the summer.  Thank you also to those who liked my Facebook page and posts, and to those who commented on blogs, on Facebook and in person; you helped to refine my efforts and you helped me stay on track and strive to be an outstanding candidate.


I suspect I will run again, only next time I’ll be better prepared.


My very best regards to you all.




Manx Radio interviews and questionnaire


3FM interview

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.
Henry Ford


December 1, 2016 Vision Nine (Part 2)