I’ve decided to run for MHK. . .better tell some people

Posted: July 14, 2016

Press release 14 July 2016

I have decided to run for Government.  I will be running for Rushen, looking to energise the area with some local initiatives and on a national scale I will be campaigning for both government and budgetary reform as matters of extreme urgency.  I believe that a complete overhaul of both of the aforementioned and a drive to create an open, transparent and cooperative government will form the seed of our salvation.

We have suffered through years of financial incompetence, money spent on vanity projects, empire building and the forsaking of what’s best for this once glorious island.  It’s time for change, it’s time we reclaimed our island and voted for a brighter future. . .one where we don’t have 85% of students that go to university stay away, and one where students actually have something to boast about and to come back to.

If we want to fix the mess created by years of largesse and incompetence, if we want to solve our debt and pension problems then we need to create jobs for our students to come back to and we need to create a vibrant island for them to live on and for visitors to come to.

Tourism has been sorely neglected over the years and without a thriving tourism industry the Isle of Man’s international name withers and becomes synonymous with just finance and low taxes.  We need injections of common sense and innovation in order to reinvigorate the Island in the eyes of potential visitors.  With sterling plunging foreign holidays have become more expensive and so people will be looking for a cheaper, local alternative. We don’t need expensive and dangerous paving stones to attract visitors, we don’t need slogans pitched at the masses but aimed at a privileged few, we don’t need vanity projects where we pay consultants ridiculous sums of money and where we simply guess at the net cost of a project to the taxpayer, we need solutions, we need new initiatives led by knowledgeable and morally intact persons of experience and we need to begin the process now.  In fact, we need knowledge and experience right across the upper echelons of government.

The bottom line is that we are under-performing as a nation and we have neglected or ignored the important issues for too long.  Our government has been floundering, miring itself in debt and it has relied on spin for too long but the chickens have come home to roost.  Budget reform never really happened, we’re still dipping into reserves. We have lost untold millions but we can still turn things around, we must turn things around.  Budget reform can still happen and with the right calibre of candidate we can become solvent once more.  We can put money aside for innovation and to safeguard our futures and we can work together to undo the stealth taxes of this past administration but, if we don’t act now, we will find ourselves in a financial mess that we can’t escape from.

So let’s be honest with ourselves, but let’s also be optimistic about the future because we have got an election coming up and we have got a chance to finally effect positive changes.  With the right people in place we can create a thriving Island, one full of hope and opportunity where government are open and transparent, proactive, cooperative and diligent.  One where our children grow up without knowing food or fuel poverty and one where they want to come back to the Island to work.  The challenges are mighty but so can we be when we work together.

I will post again with some background on myself, my hopes for a future in government and the initiatives I’m already working on, but in the mean-time and looking forwards towards a brighter future, let’s do what we can to reclaim this island. . .your island. ‪#‎reclaimyourisland‬

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