Are government salaries out of control?

Posted: September 20, 2016

Do you want more of this or do you want this stopped?


Staff remuneration (Source: The Treasury’s Dark Blue book for 2015)


Remuneration band2014/152013/14
£325,000 to £349,9991
£300,000 to £324,9991
£275,000 to £299,9991
£250,000 to £274,99922
£225,000 to £249,99943
£200,000 to £224,9991411
£175,000 to £199,9992219
£150,000 to £174,9991823
£125,000 to £149,9992626
£100,000 to £124,9994237
£75,000 to £99,999128113
£50,000 to £74,999637675
Total (higher amount)£82,599,105£82,399,090
Total (lower amount)£60,225,000£59,650,000
Total (average)£71,412,053£71,024,545


Salaries and wages in 2015 were 36% of £1,101,500,000 (gross government expenditure) which equals £396,540,000


At the higher end, the top wage earners in government are taking 21% of the wage bill.

At the lower end, the top wage earners in government are taking 15% of the wage bill.

Using an average wage, the top wage earners in government are taking 18% of the wage bill.


Even on an average basis, 18% of the top earners in government are eating up government salaries and let’s not forget that under the Bell Administration, salaries have increased by around £30M per year. . .this when we are supposed to be cutting back.  What can you expect when management roles are created on a whim and a whole new department is created (Cabinet Office)?!


The madness is that government have penalised the population through stealth taxes, through attacking the those unable to work and the elderly and they’ve reduced budgets in key areas by millions.  Consultancy fees are out of control, money is spent on roads to use up budgets “We needed to spend money on something” (Gawne; IOMToday, 2016) and shared services have been an unmitigated disaster – school canteens were £1.2M over budget in the last year where previously and when managed by the schools, they had a surplus.


Further context on this incredible post. . .someone is earning between £300,000 and £324,999; the President of the USA only earns $400,000 and even at the present Sterling exchange rate this means that we have a government employee earning more than President Obama!


If you think that government salaries are out of control then vote for change and vote for a budget process that will take care of issues like this.  Vote for people of integrity and fortitude and ask yourselves, do you want situations like this to continue?

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